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By Bob Owens

Lead paint chips. A snacking staple at the Raleigh News & Observer for more than a century.

As a general rule of thumb, I refuse to read the Raleigh News & Observer, but everyone once in a while their editorial staff will go above beyond their normal vapid bloviating to new heights… or depths, depending on your point of view.

The N&O’s Ned Barnett has gone that “extra mile” in an op-ed blaming gun owners for buying guns that are then stolen by criminals.

Yes, he’s quite serious. You shouldn’t wear such a revealing outfit young lady, you asked to be raped.

The growing number of law-abiding Americans who feel compelled to arm themselves is feeding the flow to criminals. Perhaps the phrase should be revised: If guns are outlawed, outlaws would have a harder time finding and affording guns.

Mike Tilley, who owns the Personal Defense and Handgun Safety Center in Raleigh, said three of his customers, including a law enforcement officer, recently had guns stolen from their cars. But Tilley said gun thefts from cars is a perverse effect of so many venues banning guns. If gun owners could carry their handguns into more settings, he argues, they wouldn’t have to …read more

Source:: Bearing Arms

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