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By James England


SPOKANE VALLEY, WASHINGTON — One bank robber expected little resistance when he attempted to hit an STCU branch in a nice suburban area of Spokane Valley. He didn’t expect that one of the customers was carrying his concealed handgun.

According to KHQ, the bank robber was shot once in either the shoulder or upper arm while he was attempting to clear out the bank. He is believed to have acted alone. Reports indicate he stole a bicycle from a nearby young boy and used it to peddle his way to the bank.

via KREM

“My mom called the cops to let them know the robber might be on my bike, he was on my bike, he did take it to get to the bank, left it there and ran off,” the kid said to KREM.

Once there, he abandoned the bike and headed inside. The robbery didn’t last long. He hopped over the counter to begin the robbery when one of the customers waiting in line drew his own concealed carry handgun and shot the robber once in the upper arm or shoulder.

The robber immediately fled the scene on foot.


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