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By Robert Farago

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The first time TTAG heard about so-called “violence interrupters” – ex-cons hired to stop “gun violence” – we condemned the idea as unsound, unsafe, unworkable and unfair. Not to mention expensive. And dangerous to democracy; politicians employing convicted criminals to police crime-plagued neighborhoods is an inherently corrupt concept. We have repeatedly called for ANY verifiable statistical evidence proving that the “violence interrupters” have ANY impact on crime. By that we meant reducing crime rates. We now have [more] proof that V.I.’s increase crime. Personally. Check out this story at . . .

Police said this week’s investigation began when they were called about 2:26 a.m. Monday to the intersection of Hillen and Forrest streets, just south of East Monument Street, where a man said he was just robbed at gunpoint by two men in a gray SUV.

Soon after, an officer spotted the vehicle parked in the 2300 block of E. Monument and saw men dart inside the Safe Streets office. When officers eventually raided the office, they found guns, heroin, cocaine, and other items used in the manufacturing and sale of drugs, including cutting agents and scales, police said.

Nine people were arrested at the site, including two …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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