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By Tom Knighton

In the course of my day, I read a lot of letters to the editor on gun control in various newspapers around the country. I don’t read all by any stretch of the imagination, but I read a lot.

Most I just click away from because the nature of letters to the editor tend to make it difficult for ideas to really be fleshed out to any degree. Further, few people are sufficient enough wordsmiths to do much more than offer a few platitudes–from either side–before they run out of space as many papers have a word count cap for letters.

However, The Baltimore Sun ran one recently that really did a good job, I thought, of breaking down how a recent editorial was flawed.

Responding to the recent editorial, “Is there a law that could have saved the Capital Gazette?” (July 2), I have the following observations: Yes, Maryland does have some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, but the argument that the “fundamental facet of our laws and practices related to guns [in Maryland]” that is in error is not that we allow “some people who shouldn’t have guns to get them,” rather, …Read the Rest

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