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By Tom Hudson



In another manifestation of the violent divide between police and the African American community, the youth in the ghettos of Baltimore have taken to the streets to riot, loot and cause havoc, all in the name of Freddie Gray. Gray, an African American man with a long criminal past, was arrested several weeks ago by Baltimore Police and had his spine severed, while in police custody, ultimately leading to his death.

The details surrounding Gray’s death are unclear (at least, that is what we are being told). What is clear is that Gray’s health and safety were the responsibility of the police and they failed him. Whether this was on purpose or out of negligence is unclear. The bottom line is that the Baltimore Police Department owe the people of Baltimore some answers.

In situations like these, transparency is always the right answer. It doesn’t mean the people will be happy about what happened, but at least they know the truth. The police commissioner needs to be upfront with the people of his city. If his officers screwed up, then say that. Punish the officers if it is warranted, but don’t hide your head in the sand and …read more

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