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By Mark Walters

Ban Guns Voter Voters Ballot Box Election Ballot Initiatives

By Mark Walters

Do you have reason to be concerned? Short answer? Damn right you do, especially if you live in a state that allows Ballot Initiatives…
Mark Walters
Mark Walters

USA – -( Two Things to Watch

Remember the old saying: “You cannot refuse to accept the situation.”

To do so leaves you vulnerable to whatever it is you are fooling yourself about by refusing to accept it in the first place. That credit card bill? It isn’t going away by ignoring the statement. That medical diagnosis you fear? It isn’t going away by refusing to see a doctor about your symptoms. You get the idea.

To meet whatever challenge you face head on, you must first acknowledge there is a challenge in the first place.

Today, right now, gun owners face many challenges. Two of them stand out above many others when it comes to the other side coming after our rights. One is liberal gun-grabbers turning to liberal courts when they can’t get legislation passed and the second is the exploitation of ballot measures in individual states, the technique favored by notorious and obnoxious former New York City Mayor and …Read the Rest

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