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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Long-Range Hunting Starts at 100 Yards
Long-Range Hunting Starts at 100 Yards

Gainesville, GA-( For the long-distance hunter, success in the field always begins at the shooting range. It would be great if every shooting range was designed so you could practice from 100 yards all the way out to 1,000 yards. The reality though, is that most ranges only offer rifle venues out to 100 yards, especially older ranges built before long-range shooting became so prevalent.

A shorter range doesn’t have to limit your preparation though. Using a ballistic calculator like Ballistic, your practice time at 100 yards can effectively prepare you for that longer-range shot in the field.

When you get to your range, enter your basic inputs into Ballistic, including bullet weight and type, atmospheric conditions, and sight height. Then, using your hunting rifle-optic set up, plus your hunting ammunition, zero your rifle at 100 yards, generating as tight a three- to five-shot group as possible.

Now, use a high-quality chronograph to determine your muzzle velocity; ten shots through the chronograph will provide the ammunition’s average velocity. Add this velocity number to your Ballistic inputs.

The next steps is to mimic field conditions with realistic game animal targets. While standard target practice is important, game …Read the Rest

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