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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Ballistic Has Exactly the Right Solution for Bullet Drag
Ballistic Has Exactly the Right Solution for Bullet Drag

Gainesville, GA-( As soon as it leaves the muzzle of your rifle, that bullet is subjected to many forces working to throw off the bullet from its intended path. One of the top forces? Bullet drag.

At 200 yards, bullet drag might not matter for the person who is satisfied with a decent group. But if you need absolute precision or are shooting at longer distances, bullet drag must be factored into your calculations for exact hits, time after time.

Bullet drag is often confused with bullet “drop,” but the two factors are different. Bullet drop refers to the influence of gravity pulling the bullet towards the ground and below the rifle’s line of sight.

Bullet drag, though, is all about the air and how much it resistance is provided during flight. Sometimes referred to as “aerodynamic drag,” bullet drag increases as the density of the air increases. For the long-range shooter, more drag means your bullet will slow at a faster pace versus less drag, and a slower bullet is more susceptible to gravity and wind.

Air density is influenced by many factors, including altitude, barometric pressure, temperature and relative humidity. At …Read the Rest

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