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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Ballistic App Pro Shooting Tip: All The Inputs Matter!
Ballistic App Pro Shooting Tip: All The Inputs Matter!

Gainesville, GA-( Tom Beckstrand served his country as a U.S. Army Special Forces Officer, including four combat deployments as a Team Leader to Afghanistan and Iraq. He also trained in numerous sniper and long-distance shooting courses, and on two of the above-mentioned deployments served as a Sniper Team Leader.

So Beckstrand knows something about shooting–up close and at great distances–and uses those hard-earned shooting skills today as a Field Editor for Guns & Ammo, considered by many the country’s top firearms publication. He’s also an avid long-range shooting competitor, and Beckstrand knows the importance of using your ballistic calculator correctly if you want to take a trip to the winner’s table.

“The most important inputs to make any ballistic calculator work correctly are muzzle velocity, ballistic coefficient, and sight height,” said Beckstrand. “Cheap chronographs will not give an accurate muzzle velocity, so the serious shooter needs to spend the money on a quality chrono.”

When you chronograph, make sure to measure the distance from the muzzle to the chrono unit. That input is also important to your Ballistic calculations.

Beckstrand added, “Ballistic Coefficients are available from ammunition and bullet manufacturers, and most of …Read the Rest

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