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By Jacki Billings

The Ballistic app is offered in three versions. (Photo: Ballistic)
Ballistic, an app geared toward long range shooters, unleashes three editions for Apple devices, the company announced in a press release Monday.
The app aims to aid serious shooters on the endeavor to collect and store data and make precise calculations for long range shooting.
Available in BallisticStandard, BallisticAdvanced or BallisiticiPad versions, the program utilizes the JBM Ballistics engine to bring accurate calculations as well as an expansive ballistic library to user’s fingertips. The library alone boasts more than 5,300 commercial and military loads.
BallisticStandard offers one-touch atmospheric correction, a shooting log, distance estimates using both Mil-Dot and MOA reticles in addition to ballistic charts to show drop, energy and velocity as well as wind drift comparisons.
The app handles advanced calculations for shooters to precisely engage targets. (Photo: Ballistic)
BallisticAdvanced, the flagship design, touts Advanced Head-up Display for real-time angle acquisition, 3D trajectory imaging, Mil-Dot rangefinder and advanced wind kit. The setup also comes with Bryan Litz’s custom G7 ballistic coefficients.
BallisticiPad brings all the features of both the Standard and Advanced together and tops it off with a few extras to accommodate the larger screen size of the iPad. This version comes with full-screen 3D


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