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By James England

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA — When confronting a stranger in your own home, the shock of seeing a gun leveled at you in the dark of night is probably greater than you wondering whether or not it’s a BB gun. That’s understandably what likely went through the mind of one Oklahoma City homeowner who confronted not one but three individuals breaking into his home at approximately 12:35 am. For Robert Sango, the 24-year-old holding the BB gun, it was a fatal underestimation of his prey.

According to OKC FOX 25, Robert Sango was one of three men trying to enter the home and police confirm that after he was fatally shot, he had a BB gun. Bum luck, Sango. The homeowner allegedly heard the three men rustling around in his front yard and quickly armed up expecting the worst. He probably didn’t expect to confront three bumbling fools — one of which was so stupid as to think a BB gun would do anything but confirm the homeowner’s suspicion they may be armed.

The other two abandoned their compadre barely moments after he hit the deck. Just goes to show that there is little honor amongst thieves. The lesson learned? Don’t show up …Read the Rest

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