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By Gregory Smith

I read the following about Hillary Clinton, and I had to laugh.

She endorses background checks to reduce gun trafficking and condones making straw purchasing, or illegal firearm purchasing, a federal crime. Clinton supports reform of existing gun legislation to prohibit those who suffer with mental illness from purchasing a gun. – Source:
I guess Hillary missed that episode on Breaking Bad where two Mexicans enter a tractor trailer full of guns. Background checks won’t stop gun trafficking for the simple reasons.
1. A straw purchaser without a criminal record can buy a gun for someone else, that’s already a crime, lying on the form about why you’re buying the gun is also a crime, yet it happens. If Skinny Pete can’t get a gun legally, his friend Bobby can buy one illegally.
2. Who says you need a gun store? Mexico only has one gun store (Mexico City) yet the narcos have all the guns they could ever want, including machine guns. If you go to Colombia, Pablo Escobar was outfitting his narcos with grenade and rocket launchers, not weapons you’ll find in a gun show.
Criminals will always be smarter than the police and the State, they will always be a …Read the Rest

Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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