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By Bob Owens


The New York Daily News scored an interesting story today when they announced that Harry Whittington, the attorney shot by Vice President Dick Cheney in a quail hunting accident a decade ago, is back hunting.

The Texas lawyer Dick Cheney sprayed with birdshot during a traumatic 2006 hunting trip recently bagged his first quail since the terrifying rifle mishap 10 years ago — but there has still never been a vice presidential apology.

Harry Whittington still has pellets lodged into his right cheek and neck from the Feb. 11, 2006 quail hunting trip, which went awry when the former vice president accidentally shot him in the face, he told the Daily News Thursday.

The 88-year-old lawyer said his son-in-law and some friends took him quail hunting last month in his hometown of Goliad, marking the first time he fired a shotgun in a decade.

“They just wanted to see if I could still operate a gun and so forth,” he said. “First shot, I got a quail. I thought that was very impressive.”

Recovery from the shooting and then other health issues kept him away from hunting for a decade, he said. He decided to give it another try this year after some …Read the Rest

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