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By David Codrea

By David Codrea

How about if you don’t want one, don’t buy one? [Dodge Facebook photo]
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -( “The 840-hp Dodge Challenger SRT Demon from Fiat Chrysler is so inherently dangerous to the common safety of motorists that its registration as a road-worthy automobile should be banned,” Automotive News effectively shrieks, even while admitting “There are more powerful, and even faster, vehicles available from other automakers that are rightly street legal.”

“From its barely legal slick tires to its monstrous acceleration, the … Demon may comply sufficiently with the letter of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards to legally be registered for on-road use, but in its current form it certainly doesn’t fulfill the spirit of those standards,” the editorialist fumes indignantly.

Heavens! The slick tire loophole! There’ll be blood in the streets! Something must be done! Ban it! For the children!

How often have gun owners heard similar hysterical “rationales” from the gun-grabbers objecting to performance characteristics, and then codifying bans into law? Hey, we can’t have “30 magazine clips” and “shoulder things that go up” and “<a class="colorbox" href="" …Read the Rest

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