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By Tom Knighton

Both sides of the gun debate try to find data to support their positions on guns. We all do it, after all. While gun rights activists show statistics on how guns make us safer, anti-gunners try to show data proving the opposite. Saying, “The Constitution says…” just doesn’t cut it these days.

The studies cited tend to be looked at closely by the other side. Any flaw in methodology or data will be pointed out. Loudly.

But what happens when people often cite a study, but no one can get a look at the data?

One of the most cited sources for information on mass shootings is Dr. Adam Lankford. Dr. Lankford is a criminology professor at the University of Alabama. Former President Obama and other left-leaning politicians have cited his research into gun violence to further their anti-gun agenda.

Being a published criminology professor Dr. Lankford sources on mass shootings must be impeccable, so AmmoLand decided to look into his claims made throughout his mass shooting study. It is customary for researches to list their sources, but it seems like Lankford has omitted any references for his data set in his published study.

AmmoLand reached out to Lankford through multiple mediums …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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