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By Chris Eger

Police in Sydney posted about a recent gun seizure that looks like nothing to brag about as they warn that it is now illegal to possess a so-called “Zombie knife.”
The New South Wales Police Force over the weekend announced the results of a “Firearms Prohibition Order search” conducted on the residence of a 51-year-old unidentified man that netted a “number of knives and blades, ammunition, an electronic stun device, and capsules believed to contain anabolic steroids” as well as two unlicenced guns.
The guns seem to be a pretty swag stainless Ruger Old Army black powder cap-and-ball revolver and something that looks like the love child between a staple gun and a modern art take on a Star 9mm.
Maybe the first one identifies as a pistol (Photo: NSW Police Force)
The unidentified man was socked with a variety of charges and was refused bail.
Meanwhile, Zombie knife owners beware
Beginning at the end of February, the Weapons Prohibition Amendment (Zombie Knives) Regulation 2019 goes into effect (not a joke) in NSW. The maximum penalty for possession of one of these is 14 years in jail.
The law regulates a knife that:
a) is advertised or otherwise made available for sale using images or words that suggest


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