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By Dean Weingarten

Prominent Australian gunshop in Brisbane, Queensland image courtesy Dean Weingarten

U.S.A.-( In Australia, the various governments are using the coronavirus emergency to stop sales of firearms. One of the stated purposes of those who plotted to disarm Australians was to reduce the number of Australians who had guns. That was unsuccessful. More people have guns in Australia today, than before the extreme gun laws were put in place in 1997. The thinking that one purpose of the gun laws is to reduce the number of people with guns continues.

During the current emergency, on 31 March, the Daily Mail quoted the national police minister. From

Police Minister Lisa Neville said at a press conference on Tuesday the number of people attempting to access firearms and ammunition had doubled.

The minister and the National Cabinet decided to pause the sales of firearms and ammunition for sporting or recreational purposes.

They fear an increased amount of weapons on the street would be dangerous as tensions rise and firearms may be stockpiled or accessed by criminals.

There is no suggestion the people who desired firearms were not obeying the law, and following the intensely bureaucratic and slow process by which …Read the Rest

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