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By Chris Eger

Police were visiting the licensed firearm owner to conduct an audit of his guns (Photo: NSW Police)
A licensed firearm owner from the Outback area was arrested after local police found that he had far more guns in his home than he had registered.
Police in New South Wales reported that an unidentified 56-year-old man was arrested in the Cobar area, a small copper mining town about 450 miles northwest of Sydney, on weapons charges. Officers visited the man on New Year’s Eve for the purpose of conducting an audit of his registered guns.
“During a subsequent search of the property, officers located and seized 118 firearms, including revolvers, rifles, shotguns and shortened rifles,” said the agency. At least 109 were not registered under Australian law.
An accompanying photo of the impound shows a wide variety of collectible vintage Lee-Enfield, Martini-Henry, and Winchester rifles including several lever-actions. Other relics include a Swiss-style Vetterli rifle, an American-made P14 Enfield, and what looks to be at least one Canadian Ross rifle. Handguns appear to include a range of black powder cap and ball revolvers, an S&W M1917 and several Webley revolvers. A number of fowling pieces and barreled actions are among the lot.
The man has been


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