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By Robert Farago

Australian gun confiscation (courtesy national

TTAG reader KirkfromBrisbane posted the following comment underneath Gun Hero of the Day: Philip Smith of National African American Gun Association:

I’d rather be a free-thinker and deal with being called a “troll” than some sheep who continues to spout debunked hogwash that more guns equals less crime. I love the way yanks conflate being allowed to tool-up with military-style weaponry (because of a partial mis-reading of an amendment) with the concept of ‘freedom’. From anywhere else on the planet watching on, it’s just an amusing, slightly-sad concept . . .

Here in Australia, we have the ‘freedom’ to go about our business secure in the knowledge that Australia has one of the lowest gun-related mortality rates in the whole world, and secure in the knowledge that every second person we interact with WON’T be tooled-up to the eyeballs with some ridiculous concealed handgun and/or other ridiculous weaponry designed exclusively to kill humans.

Meanwhile in the good ol’ US of A, you have the ‘freedom’ to be killed in record numbers by the very pointless weaponry that many of you dude’s worship.

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