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By James England

RINGGOLD, GEORGIA — Straight-up mental illness is being attributed to one lawyer’s erratic nonsensical actions that resulted in two gunshot wounds to his arm. This story is so strange that we’re not really sure where to begin — so strap on your crazy goggles and read along.

According to the Times Free Press, Matthew Jack Fitzharris, 29, showed up to an elderly couple’s home and simply strolled in the front door with a blanket. The woman of the house told the stranger to leave and he allegedly responded that he’s, “not f***ing going anywhere.”

At this point, she had retrieved a handgun. Wise move. Still, she gave him the benefit of the doubt that he would acquiesce to her rather reasonable request. He said she wouldn’t shoot him and then she politely informed him that her husband was a former Marine and would gladly do so. To be perfectly honest, I’m guessing she really didn’t want to mess up the carpet at this point and was sincerely hoping the man would get the picture.

Her husband comes out and takes the gun. At this point, the lawyer does leave. He gets into his vehicle but then allegedly returns with the same …Read the Rest

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