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By Gary Marbut



Attack on Self-Defense Insurance: Under-Reported News: img 514436843

Montana – -( Some states with anti-gun leadership [read Democrats] are trying to eliminate any sort of insurance that will help protect a gun owner if a gun owner should be forced to use a gun in self-defense. These states offer as authority for halting self-defense insurance that it’s disallowed to insure an illegal activity.

Yeah, right. Another anti-gun lie.

Most states have a position titled “Insurance Commissioner” who regulates insurance matters.

In Washington State, the Office of Insurance Commissioner has sent cease and desist letters to the NRA for their Carry Guard insurance. The WA OIC has sent similar letters to the United States Concealed Carry Association, the Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network, U.S. Law Shield, Firearms Legal Protection, and CCW Safe, demanding that all quit doing business in WA. The same thing is happening in New York, and likely other states not yet on my radar.

In Montana, the function of an insurance commissioner is performed by our State Auditor, an elected position most people don’t think about much. Our current State Auditor is Matt Rosendale. Matt served formerly in the Montana Senate, and while there successfully carried …Read the Rest

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