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By Jacki Billings

The X-TRAC attaches to the forend of a rifle. (Photo: ATN Corporation)
ATN Corporation announced Monday that the company’s highly anticipated X-TRAC remote device has begun shipping to dealers.
The Tactical Remote Access Control System is compatible with ATN’s line of advanced night vision options and thermal imaging devices. Via a remote control access system, users are able to connect seamlessly through Bluetooth to their personal ATN smart device  to control features and functions without ever touching the scope.
Designed to simplify the user interface with the ATN smart device, the company says the X-TRAC system offers a quick and intuitive means of operating the scope’s features such as the optic’s pre-installed ballistic calculator, smart range finder and environmental sensor subsystem.
The device allows users to adjust ATN scope settings without removing the support hand. (Photo: ATN Corporation)
“We strive to give our consumers the best user experience possible,” said Director of Marketing Steve Lemenov in a statement. “The introduction of the new X-TRAC system is a perfect example of our goal to provide cutting edge products that redefine the way people use optics.”
The X-TRAC uses a zoom roller and six tactile buttons that allow shooters to manipulate the interface of the optic. The construction


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