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By Tim

ATM out of commission

ATM out of commission

The pistol is truly the great equalizer. Two men who were going to try to rob a man getting cask from the ATM when the 50 year old man turned the tables on them. Below is a news report from Fox 4 on the incident:

According to police, the 50 year old resident of Detroit has a legal CPL and pulled it out while being held at gun point. One of the thieves had a sawed off rifle while the other had a semi-automatic pistol.

The man shot one robber in the face and the other in the stomach. While the man did sustain a single shot to the leg, he is glad to be alive. Without the firearm, this story would have been much different.

Police responded to the call at the Citizens Bank lot on Warren around 10 p.m. Both men were arrested when police arrived.

“He was approached out of the darkness by two 18-year-old males, one was armed with a sawed-off rifle and one had a handgun,” Captain Szilagy said. “(He) is a valid CPL holder and at that point decided not to be a victim produced his weapon …read more

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