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By Andrew Shepperson

Mel “Dragon Man” Bernstein, owner of Dragonman gun store and shooting range in Colorado Springs. (Photo: Facebook)
The ATF is investigating a heist in which thieves stole 65 firearms from a Colorado Springs gun shop owned by the self-proclaimed “most armed man in America.”
The incident went down Sunday night when Dragonman gun store and shooting range owner Mel “Dragon Man” Bernstein went out to dinner, the Denver Post reported. Several of Bernstein’s 35 surveillance video cameras then captured four thieves stealing the man’s truck and crashing through an electrically charged fence and metal garage to get inside the premises.
Bernstein, also the owner of a gun museum, said the thieves were lucky he was out to dinner.
“There’s a lot of idiots out there,” he said. “I’m the most armed man in America. I have over 200 machine guns in my name. If I had been there they would have gotten shot in the head.”
Bernstein described the four bandits as “young kids,” skinny and wearing masks and hoods. He was helping the ATF inventory the stolen firearms when the Post reached out to him for comment.
“They took whatever they could get in six minutes and took off,” Bernstein said, and added, “No matter how


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