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By Tim

Photo courtesy of Truth about Guns

Photo courtesy of Truth about Guns

In a recent article, the website truth about guns revealed a startling fact that has many enthusiasts concerned as they ATF has made the above weapon a classified AOW (Any Other Weapon) which is highly regulated.

Here is an exert from the initial article:

X Products came out with a nifty little device a while back that uses blank 5.56 NATO cartridges to launch soda cans through the air. It was a really cool and fun concept, and we’ve had a blast using it. Apparently the ATF has caught wind of this little ray of fun and sunshine and decided that it must be stamped out at all costs. X Products received a love note from the firearms regulators the other day stating that their product is now considered an “Any Other Weapon,” an item which is highly regulated under the National Firearms Act. The hyper-regulatory brainiacs consider the can luncher a “shotgun” meaning your SBR tax stamp won’t cut the mustard here. In short, anyone who owns one of these things without paying the tax stamp for the privilege may be a felon in the eyes of the ATF. …read more

Source:: GunsNFreedom

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