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By Jennifer Cruz

A special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has been given a second chance at life thanks to the help of a fellow agent.
Doug Kunze suffers from chronic kidney disease and was told in June 2016 that he would either need to get a kidney transplant or go on dialysis. Having watched his own father go through the process some 40 years ago, Kunze decided dialysis wasn’t an option.
“It’s a very rough process,” Kunze said.
But with no donor in sight, a new kidney didn’t seem like a viable option either. Still, Kunze refused to give up.
Then one day, Kunze received a call from fellow agent Jeff Brown who said he was going to give him a kidney.
“He called me up and wanted the number for the transplant center and I asked him what for and he said, ‘because I’m going to donate,’” Kunze said. “It was huge. I mean, I had a good cry over it.”
Sure enough, Brown was a match and after a 10-hour surgery in March, the transplant was completed.
“I woke up realizing I got a new life,” Kunze said.
Brown said he doesn’t want anyone to feel indebted to him but rather he simply


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