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By Ammoland

David Limbaugh

By David Limbaugh

Hillary Clinton
David Limbaugh

USA – -( Hillary Clinton has been groping around for a campaign slogan. She’s just unveiled her seventh meaningless catchphrase. How about “Still lying and breaking all the rules”?

That one probably wouldn’t help her campaign much — though with leftist voters these days, you have to wonder — but it has the virtue of being more accurate than her latest mealy-mouthed rallying cry, “Stronger together” — as if anyone, anywhere considers her unifying.

It seems the more this campaign moves forward the less popular Clinton is — even to Democratic voters, as polls show Bernie Sanders now in a statistical tie with her in California.

This does not make me sad, but it should scare the pantsuits off Democrats.

There’s ample reason for Clinton’s unpopularity. She’s dishonest, unlikable, corrupt, arrogant and so much more. Can you imagine being so smug from a lifetime of unpunished misconduct that you feel legally immune and politically invincible? But her fate could finally change.

At issue is Clinton’s use of her personal email account to conduct official business while secretary of state, a practice she has casually passed off as routine.

The State Department inspector general issued an audit report blistering …Read the Rest

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