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By Charles Daniel

Let’s talk about home defense for a bit. Yes, I am shifting gears from competition for my next few posts. After delving deeper into my own situation and thinking about potential outcomes from what I experienced the other night I have some thoughts that I felt were worth sharing. I offer them for what they are worth.

The Personal Defense Narrative

When a person buys a gun, they seldom plan on not using it. Think about it – no matter the reason you purchased a firearm, you probably planned on shooting it – unless you are a high-end cork sniffing collector – but even some collectors like to shoot their guns, just not in the volume I do. So many times people “know what they will do” when someone breaks in to their house; they have created there own personal defense narrative, and it normally involves shooting the intruder.

Unfortunately I feel this might lead to problems. When going through your own household defense planning should you really imagine someone breaking into your house or would you be better served imagining ALL probable “bump in the night” scenarios with a solid basis in reality.

Let me offer a scenario; a noise At The …Read the Rest

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