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By Rob Morse

Robber Mugger Gun Barrel
At Home, at Work, & as You Drive – More Self-Defense Gun Stories

Louisiana –-( Here is the news you won’t find in the mainstream media. Again this week, responsible gun owners defend themselves and the people they love.

Self-defense instructor Tiffany Johnson joins the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at four new examples. Were these gun owners lucky, or did they have a plan and were prepared? What can we learn from their experience? Listen and find out. (25-minute audio)

These victims survived lethal attacks because they had a gun..and a plan.

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First story- Are you armed at home on a monday morning?

Your first clue was the sound of the dogs and cats going crazy. You go downstairs and see a strange car and several police cars on your driveway. You wave, and they say they are searching for a fugitive. You go back inside, grab your handgun, and carefully look through your house from top to bottom. You find a stranger huddled in the back corner of your basement furnace room. You order him to leave. After the …Read the Rest

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