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By Bob Owens

Sig 320

Glock has dominated the law enforcement pistol market for decades. Unfortunately, their domination has made them complacent, and while they roll out new variations on the same old theme every so often, it’s clear that “innovation” is a four-letter word at the Austrian-owned company.

That lack of spark has made it possible for other companies to start slicing into the law enforcement handgun market, and Sig Sauer now appears to be poised to start making significant inroads with their modular P320 series.

There’s an arms race taking place in law enforcement as weapons manufacturers battle each other for the lucrative right to arm officers.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office is the latest beneficiary of that duel.

Last year the agency said goodbye to its old .40-caliber Glock 23 handguns and recently finished equipping its deputies with .40-caliber SIG Sauer P320s. That’s because sheriff’s officials said SIG Sauer offered to replace their entire arsenal at no cost, sealing the deal.

That’s a victory for the New Hampshire gun manufacturer over its Austrian rival Glock. Both are among the world’s top producers of handguns, but Glock has been a major player in the law enforcement market, especially here in the Tampa Bay area.

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