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By Tom Knighton

Mexico is the kind of place that you couldn’t pay me to visit. It’s not the third-world squaller or even the dodgy water that would turn me off. No, it’s the cartels and their violence that makes it unlikely I’ll find myself south of the border. While I don’t necessarily consider myself a fearful person, only a fool goes where he knows violence is everywhere.

For some people, though, they don’t have a choice. It’s their home, and they aren’t interested in leaving.

I don’t blame them in the least. They shouldn’t have to.

What these good people are doing, however, is something that’s far more difficult to do in Mexico than here in the United States. They’re arming themselves to protect their homes and families from the cartels.

There were nearly 30,000 homicides last year in Mexico, and the country is on track to surpass that record this year.

Gun control is one way the government is trying to combat the rising murder rate. But as violence soars, more Mexicans are exercising their right to bear arms

Guillermo Azoños, a resident of Mexico City, has decided to buy a gun. He doesn’t live in a dangerous part of the capital, but nevertheless …Read the Rest

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