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By John Crump

Cody Wilson Wanted Poster

By John Crump

Cody Wilson’s Wanted Poster

Austin, Texas-( Cody Wilson is a hero to some and a James Bond level villain to others, but what he is to everyone is a very complicated person. For full disclosure, I have spoken at length with Wilson in the past on and off the record. I have interviewed Wilson for AmmoLand and met up with him in Las Vegas.

Authorities charged Wilson with sexual assault of a minor in connection with a meeting set up through a website called The female in question is sixteen. The age of consent in Texas is seventeen. The age of consent is sixteen in most states and all of Canada. Before we get into that, we need to talk about Wilson.

First some background. Cody Wilson is a crypto-anarchist. This worldview is different from the anarcho-communist of Antifa. In its purest form, a crypto-anarchist is a person with extreme libertarian views that lives in the digital world. They believe in using technology to lessen the grip of government in our lives.

Other crypto-anarchist includes Ross William Ulbricht who was better known as The Dread Pirate Roberts on the Dark Web. DPR started a …Read the Rest

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