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By Lee Williams

Medically retired Army Staff Sergeant Alejandro Gonzalez was twice charged with First-Degree Murder for defending himself against an armed gangster in Baltimore. (Army enlistment photo courtesy of Gonzalez’s defense attorney, Michael Stark.) by Lee WilliamsMost convicts would rather serve a year in a country jail or a state prison rather than six months in the Baltimore City Jail, which is dank, dirty and dangerous — especially for someone accused of murdering one of the city’s Crip gang members.Medically retired Army Staff Sergeant Alejandro Gonzalez has spent more than 16 months behind bars, accused of First-Degree Murder. He and his legal team hope someone in the Baltimore’s State’s Attorney’s Office will reexamine his case, realize he acted in self-defense and drop the murder charges a second time.Gonzalez’s entry into the city’s criminal justice system can be blamed on one person: Baltimore’s Soros-backed and recently disgraced former State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. During Mosby’s reign, the city’s homicide rate increased dramatically – averaging 333 killings every year. During her predecessor’s final term, the city averaged around 215 murders per year. Mosby fired dozens of veteran prosecutors when she took over. But even worse, she unofficially ended a defendant’s ability to claim self-defense. If they used

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