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The following is a release from C. Todd Lopez:

Most Americans have seen at least one war movie, where at some point a fresh-faced young private is hit with some shrapnel. From the ground, he calls out for the unit medic – another young guy, from another small town, whose quick reaction and skill just may save his life.

In the near future, however, it may no longer be another Soldier, who comes running to his side. Instead, it might be an Army-operated unmanned aerial or ground vehicle, said Maj. Gen. Steve Jones, commander of the Army Medical Department Center and School and chief of the Medical Corps.

“We have lost medics throughout the years because they have the courage to go forward and rescue their comrades under fire,” Jones said. “With the newer technology, with the robotic vehicles we are using even today to examine and to detonate IEDs [improvised explosive devices], those same vehicles can go forward and retrieve casualties.”

Jones spoke at an Association of the U.S. Army-sponsored medical conference near the Pentagon, Sept. 22.

“We already use robots on the battlefield today to examine IEDs, to detonate them,” …read more

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