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By Caleb

ruined mosin 1

You know what are cool? Milsurp rifles. Springfields, Enfields, Garands, Mausers, and yes, even Mosins. There’s a touch of history, a feeling of being connected to the past when you get to take one of these out and shoot it. People think I hate the Mosin Nagant, but I don’t. I think it’s a cool historical rifle that is still showing up on battlefields today. You know what isn’t cool? Taking one of those neat rifles and ruining it, like this guy on Armslist.

Here’s the text of the original auction:

Selling my very good condition mosin nagant. Come with the upgraded arch angel stock with a 5 and 10 Rd mag, aim 2-7 x 24 scope, upgraded bent bolt with oversized knob, Not come with bi-pod. Original Stock comes with it. 650 OBO – Make an Offer!

Okay, first off you want how much for it? 650 bucks? Boy, you must be out of your god-given mind to think that your wrecked gun and a cheap injection molded stock are worth that kind of scratch. You probably paid $179 for that rifle, and now that it’s all jacked up it’s worth…about tree-fiddy. As in $3.50.

ruined mosin 2

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