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By Chris Eger

In 2017 Armscor sold 3,000 of their TAC Ultra double-stack 1911s to the Philippine government. The company just won a contract for another 50,000 .45s. (Photo: Armscor)
The “world’s largest 1911 pistol manufacturer” recently inked a deal to keep the Armed Forces of the Philippines in the .45 ACP business for the near future.
Armscor, founded in the Philippines in 1905, is owned by Squires Bingham International and includes such popular affiliates as Rock Island Armory. The company announced on Nov. 19 they had signed a deal with the AFP for 50,000 handguns described as “Cal .45 high capacity Pistol M1911.” The contract, signed at military headquarters at Camp Aguinaldo, was billed by both sides as “a Rebirth of Defense Self-Reliance,” and a move towards more domestic involvement in military contracts.
“This initiative of optimizing our local resources contributes to the development of our economic and labor industries by providing jobs for Filipinos and contributing to economic growth – positive effects that far outweigh [the military’s] spending in importation,” said military spokesman Arsenio Andolong.
While the announcements from the AFP and Armscor do not detail which model handgun will be supplied, it is likely that the company’s TAC series, which includes a double-stack 1911


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