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By Cam Edwards

Three teenagers, all of them known to law enforcement and none of them older than sixteen, are facing charges after bringing loaded guns into a Publix grocery store in Pasco County, Florida, and posting a Snapchat video where they showed off the guns in one of the store’s bathrooms.

On Tuesday, law enforcement was forwarded the Snapchat video, which showed three teens holding the firearms and racking the slides.

They quickly converged on the teens in the dairy section of the supermarket.

Whoever notified law enforcement when they saw the Snapchat video, good job. Seriously. This wasn’t a case of a kid at a range shooting under adult supervision and someone online freaking out about it. As I mentioned, all three of the teens taken into custody have been arrested before, and for some pretty serious crimes.

One teen was found to have a firearm completely concealed on his person. He said he got it from a “friend” and thought about throwing the gun and running from law enforcement. He also told deputies he was thinking about tossing the gun in a trash can. This teen had prior convictions for battery on a law enforcement officer, grand theft, and grand theft …Read the Rest

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