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By James England

STONE MOUNTAIN, GEORGIA — ‘Happy’s Package Store’ was the scene of an attempted armed robbery on a Tuesday night. We say attempted because it was never brought to completion. While Happy’s Package Store is ‘You’ll Leave With A Smile On Your Face’*, the armed robber certainly didn’t as he raced out the door with several gunshot wounds.

Police found him in a nearby field. They couldn’t assess his level of happiness on a level of 0 to 10 because, according to 11 Alive News Atlanta, because he was likely dead.

Someone call the Better Business Bureau and report ‘Happy’s Package Store’ for failing to make good on their promise.

However, the shop clerk was quite alright. Likely shaken up, no doubt, but alive and well. He used a gun he kept on him to dispatch the armed robber.

For some reason, the armed robber thought that because the place was called ‘Happy’s’, everyone would be too overcome with joy to notice a man waving a gun around. Based upon the level of his performance, I’d say the clientele and the management likely did not meet his expectations.

He gets points for trying but this is Stone Mountain, Georgia, not Newark, New Jersey. Walking …Read the Rest

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