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By James England

CAMDEN, SOUTH CAROLINA — When an armed robber thought he’d be clever by wearing a ‘Scream’ mask to rob a laundromat, he didn’t expect someone’s great grandfather to set him straight. That’s the story we’re hearing out of Camden where an 80-year-old owner and operator of a laundromat witnessed a masked armed robber enter the premises and demand the man’s cash box. He gave the cash box without protest but no sooner had the robber left than the man grabbed his .25 caliber pistol.

He followed the robber out of his store and allegedly fired a single shot into the air. That’s all it took for the robber to realize he wasn’t walking away without a fight. It was enough. The armed robber dropped the cash box and ran to his getaway vehicle, where probably his girlfriend drove him off to relative safety.

Man, it’s hard being an armed robber these days. Can’t catch any breaks — even from somebody’s great-grandfather. I guess people aren’t content to just sit by and be victimized by criminals who think they’re entitled to others’ hard work.

As WLTX 19 reports, no police charges are being filed against the business owner and, of course, he …Read the Rest

Source:: Concealed Nation

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