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By Ammoland

Armed and Ready Gun Barrel
Armed Robber’s Family Complains He Was Shot Too Many Times
Illinois State Rifle Association

Illinois –-( Last Saturday night a would-be robber entered a store on Chicago’s Southside.

He threatened a clerk and when another employee appeared, the robber pointed the gun at her and ordered her to the back of the store, which serves as a currency exchange.

At that moment an armed concealed carry license holder opened fire and killed the would-be robber. Everyone else was ok.

The robber had an extensive criminal history – no plea bargains this time. No charges are expected against the concealed carry holder.

Now the armed robber’s family is complaining he was shot too many times. I kid you not…

The good news about all of this is that other felons or wanna-be felons just got a message, compliments of the Illinois Concealed Carry Law. They won’t all understand, but some will. Those who don’t get it, may have their own opportunity educated somewhere along the line.

Speaking of bad guys, President Obama is about to release a group of prisoners without interviewing any of them, as normally happens in a parole process.

They are just going to be let out. I am sure …Read the Rest

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