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By Brandon Curtis

HOUSTON, TEXAS — It was 1 am when a man wearing a yellow bandanna walked into a Whataburger and began shooting at people behind the counter.

Police say the 10 customers inside the restaurant at 7629 West Bellfort got out quickly as a security guard shot and killed an armed robber.

“I was literally about to put my chip in to pay and my cousin’s like, ‘Go’,” customer Jayvier Green said.

A security guard was there at the time and immediately took action. He shot the suspect four times, striking him in the leg with each shot.

One witness told reporters that it was like something out of a movie.

“I see a dude in a white bandanna pull out a gun like it’s a movie or something, and start shooting behind the counter,” Green recalled.

The suspect apparently did not know that he was shot and continued forward. Then when reality set in, the suspect took off on foot and then got into a vehicle. He was found in the vehicle and first responders attempted CPR, but he had died due to loss of blood after the bullet hit an artery.

No one inside the restaurant was injured by either the suspect or …Read the Rest

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