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By James England

WACO, TEXAS — Waco police arrived at the scene of a hookah smoke shop to discover a 20-year-old suspect shot multiple times. Inspecting the scene, they discovered the suspect’s handgun — which was confirmed stolen — and that the suspect had warrants out for his arrest.

Surprise, surprise, when Waco police got statements from the clerk and customers, they found out that Cedric Brown, 20, walked into the store, brandished his gun, and fired once into the ceiling. The clerk, fearing for his life and that of his customers, drew his own handgun and engaged the suspect. During the exchange of fire, Brown was hit multiple times. Neither the clerk nor his customers were injured.

According to police statements given to KWTX, Brown had prior warrants for his arrest and was in possession of a stolen gun for the commission of first-degree armed robbery. After he gets out of the hospital, police will take him into custody.

Thanks to the fast response of an employee, an armed robber was brought to justice. That’s always a good way to wrap up an extremely dangerous scenario. This segment was brought to you by carrying your concealed handgun every single day, everywhere you go, …Read the Rest

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