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By Tim

Photo Courtesy of ABC 13

Photo Courtesy of ABC 13

This Pastor in Baytown Texas was armed when a thug kicked in the front church doors to do as much damage as he could while robbing the place.

Pat Holmes said, “We have church break-ins here in the city of Baytown, but ours had never been broken into. Unfortunately today was the day.” It happened around 6:15 when the church surveillance video showed the would be robber breaking through the door.

Pastor Holmes told eyewitness news, “I just want the public to know that this was a robbery, He broke in the door, had laptops in his hand.”

The Pastor was quickly awakened by a man moving around the church. He grabbed his pistol and investigated, however the thief would not stop when the Pastor commanded him twice to stop. “So fearing for my life, I did what I had to do”, said Pastor Holmes.

He fired a single shot that knocked the man down. As he lay with a gunshot to the shoulder waiting for the police to respond, the Pastor did something remarkable… He prayed WITH him. “I led him through the sinner’s prayer while he was on the floor,” Pastor Holmes says.

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