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By John Falkenberg

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN — When one home was invaded in Jeffersonville, Indiana, the thug soon learned that the neighborhood he had picked had armed neighbors, and those neighbors were ready to back up their community.

According to Wave 3 News, investigators belive the crime to have been one of opportunity. 36-year-old Antonio Hickerson approached a resident as he was checking the mail.

“It was simply a citizen who happened to be visible with the garage door open,” Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull reportedly said. Hickerson approached the neighbor, eventually forcing his way into the resident’s home.

However, unfortunately for Hickerson, he picked a gun-owning neighbor.

“The victim was able to retrieve a handgun that he owned. He was able to use that handgun to get Mr. Hickerson out of his residence,” Mull continued.

However, Hickersobn wasn’t going anywhere. The resident then reportedly fired two warning shots to scare Hickerson off, but it didn’t work, and Hickerson made a move to grab the gun.

For the upteenth time, folks — do not give a warning shot, let alone two.

Fortunately for the resident now fighting for his life, another neighbor saw the commotion and raced in to help.

“He walked outside because he kind of …Read the Rest

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