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By Dean Weingarten

Israeli Defense Agaist Knife Attack 10 November 2015 Damascas Gate

By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

Arizona – -( Video from Israel, where an armed Israeli stopped a knife attack before the knife man made contact. In the video, situational awareness is key. The shooter, who is on the right, looks over his shoulder. He probably hears the approaching knife man running up to attack.

Link to Live Leak video of Israeli defense against knife attack

He turns around, drawing a pistol as the knife man gets close. The knife man, seeing the drawing motion, makes a fatal mistake. Instead of being committed to the attack, he hesitates and stops moving forward. He seems to be attempting a knife throw when the Israeli shoots him. He goes down decisively. He may have been off balance and starting to back-peddle when he was shot.

The second Israeli, in the middle, also appears to be armed. He is slower on the draw and does not appear to fire any shots. While it is not certain, he appears to have a pistol in his left hand after the knife man is down on the ground.

It is a classic case of situational …Read the Rest

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