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Texas homeowner shoots intruder in groin

A Texas neighborhood had been hit with a string of burglaries in recent weeks, but this time one of the suspects was stopped by a gun owner who was not afraid to defend himself.

(See news video of story below)

In the middle of the night the Texas homeowner was woken up by the sound of someone breaking into his back door. So he grabbed his gun and shot the intruder in the groin.

The news video says he was shot in the stomach, but other reports confirmed the suspect’s injury was to the groin area. Either way, not a pleasant place to be shot.

According to the Blaze,

It happened Monday morning in Lake Dunlap, Texas, when 37-year-old suspect Philip Owens came face to face with the armed resident, the Seguin Gazette reported.

Guadalupe County Sheriff’s investigator, Sgt. Zachary McBride, said deputies later recovered evidence such as the gloves Owens was wearing. A crow bar and headlight with the were also found nearby, but they did not belong to the homeowner.

This was just the latest in a spate of burglaries that have been occurring throughout the neighborhood, often in the mornings and where the suspects have entered through a backdoor.

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