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By John Falkenberg

ST. LOUISVILLE, OH — When a young man attacked an Ohio homeowner and his girlfriend one early morning in late November, he had the complete upper hand.

However, he still managed to lose the fight.

It’s almost embarrassing. As ABC 6 reports:

Deputies were dispatched to the 9100 block of Graceland Lane Road NE for a reported shooting at 5:17 a.m. Upon arriving to the scene, deputies found the body of Samuel D. Beskid II, a 27-year-old from Cumberland. Officials said he died after multiple gunshot wounds.

Investigators said Beskid reportedly confronted the homeowner, 37-year-old Donnie Gayheart, and his girlfriend with a gun and flashlight as the couple was lying in bed. According to witnesses, an altercation ensued resulting in Beskid being shot and killed.

Nobody’s rooting for the bad guy here, but — seriously?

It’s a pretty poor bad guy that throws away the advantages of being armed and having the element of surprise to lose their own life.

This actually brings up something we don’t talk about as often at Concealed Nation, and we probably should:

If we take being armed at home as a given, what’s the next-most important thing when it comes to self defense?

I would argue that it’s a solid …Read the Rest

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