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By Jacki Billings

Armed Equality focuses on offering an inclusive space for all gun owners. (Photo: Armed Equality)
At a Memorial Day barbecue, a group of pro-gun supporters sit around a concrete table, eating and enjoying each other’s company like many Americans on this holiday. There’s a MAGA hat next to a Bernie hat and its wearers, a straight man and a trans woman, are brought together to support and celebrate a common issue: guns.
This was what Piper Smith, founder of Armed Equality, envisioned when she first established the pro-gun group in 2016. An LGBT friendly gun rights group, Armed Equality focuses on introducing LGBT members to the concept of self-defense while also educating those already immersed in the Second Amendment lifestyle about the LGBT community. It’s a give and a take. A shooting group where inclusivity is key. Anyone can join — gay, straight, bi-sexual or trans. No matter your color or creed, all are welcome.
“If you are LGBT inclusive and you are pro-2A you are more than welcome in our group,” Smith emphasized at the beginning of her chat with
Despite differing political views, the members of Armed Equality regularly come together to honor their shared love of guns, gear, training and


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