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By Jenn Jacques

Mom BA

What happens when your community becomes riddled with crime?

Well for one small town in Pennsylvania, you don’t sit back and watch it crumble, you stand up and show criminals they won’t take it over without a fight!

Approximately 40 community members marched through the streets of Shamokin, PA Monday evening carrying guns to show their unity in stopping crime.

Justin Glosek, organizer, said the concerned citizens hoped to show they would not sit idly by and watch as drug dealers took over their town.

“We want everybody in the community to come out,” he said.

The march began in the post office parking lot at around 7 p.m. After a brief rally, the group looped through town, crossing through the Fifth Ward and across town almost to Market Street. The nearly six-mile march disbanded at around 9 p.m. after members joined together at the parking lot for a talk on where and when the next gathering would take place.

This is the third time the group, which began with just Glosek and a few friends, took that route. Glosek said the group is varying its days and times of marches to keep the element of surprise and is open to change up the …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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