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By Salvatore

Mass attacks grab the headlines. A lone sicko mad at the world, a racist who wants to start a race war, a jihadi terrorist, take your pick. They all seek a similar goal: a high body count. We also know from experience the best way to resolve such issues is to cut the mass killer down with fast and accurate gunfire at the beginning of the rampage. Of course, these monsters almost exclusively attack liberal utopias gun-free zones to avoid such contingencies. Notice I refer to active killers rather than “active shooters” and that is because these nut jobs tend to use more than just firearms. Knife attacks, vehicle attacks, and explosives have all been used and there are, unfortunately, going to be more such attacks. Anyway, what are some considerations for the average concealed carrier in this age of terror and mass murderers?

Modern tactics suggest training to make head shots more often than has been the doctrine in the past, training to make “anchoring” shots to make sure that a terrorist is truly out of the fight, and the like. These are considerations for this rare yet exceedingly bad scenario. Here, though, I wish to tackle a few topics …Read the Rest

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